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Irresistible Aristocrats Series Five Books


Scandalous Siblings Series 3 Books

$45.00 Discover the captivating world of the scientifically gifted Jamison siblings as they team up with the St. Martin clan in an exhilarating battle against a greedy railway investment syndicate!  

The Viscount's Pleasure House

$18.00 Lady Chrissie Wellsby and her two country friends research dozens of rogues before selecting the notorious Viscount Hawkesbury, owner of London’s most exclusive and expensive brothel, to educate them in erotic seduction. Cover_TVPH

Four Times A Virgin

$18.00 The countess will do anything to prevent her younger sisters being forced into sordid marriages like hers, even if it means joining forces with the Duke of Stirkton and revealing the horrors of their intertwined pasts. Cover_FTAV_Four-Times-A-Virgin

Pleasure House Ball

$15.00 Lord Mallory attends his first courtesan’s ball in ten years to appease his friends, though he’d rather stay home and read to his motherless daughters. Though mortified that Brenton unmasks her at a scandalous ball, Lady Lillian Armstrong doesn’t regret their night together. Cover_PHB_PleasureHouseBall

Loving Lady Katharine NEW!!!


Lady Montgomery is well acquainted with perversion, brutality and fear. Her father was cruel and her marriage a debacle. Fleeing London after her scandalous husband was murdered, the Pacific islands of the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) become her haven.


Her life changes when Lord Alexander St. John sails into Port Vila, but when Katie barely survives an attack by sailors they sail for London with Alex praying Katie survives. Their arrival stirs bitter hatred in Alex’s rejected fiancé and danger escalates when Katie’s greedy cousin joins forces with her. Katie and Alex cross oceans and battle pirates to be together, but can their love also survive the treachery of friends and family in London?

Cover_LLK_Loving Lady Katharine_sml

Petunia and the Pearl Diver

$15.00 The pearl diver needs a working girl to rouse his body. Petunia needs money to save her family. A night at a London brothel could solve both problems, but walking away becomes impossible when one night leaves them craving more…and more. Cover_PET_PetuniaPearlDiver

Embracing Scandal

$18.00 Lady Jamison saves her family from financial ruin by investing in railway shares, but when a greedy syndicate murders her friend and tries to steal her secrets, Becca is forced to beg assistance from the new Duke of Sherwyn. Cover_ES_EMBRACING-SCANDAL-

Scenting Scandal

$18.00 Lady Laura Jamison uses her extraordinary olfactory senses to sniff out her perfect match, but after she evades an assassin’s bullets, twice, she is forced to accept the protection of her nemesis, the Earl of Winchester. Cover_SS_ScentingScandal

December Scandal

$15.00 The Jamisons join the St. Martins at the Duke of Sherwyn's country estate, but a December snowstorm doubles guest numbers, including Michael Brandon who is traveling to introduce the woman he loves to family. But when Brandon's missing brother also arrives, the house is thrown into turmoil. Cover_DS_DecemberScandal

Love After Waterloo

$15.00 Lady Melton and her son are forced to join antagonistic Captain Belling and the last group of wounded British soldiers evacuating Waterloo. But she doesn’t anticipate how much they would depend on the belligerent Captain when back in London. Cover_LAW_LoveAfterWaterloo

Kelly's Justice

$ 15.00

Kelly, codenamed Riddles, normally needs no help solving international security problems, but when someone from her past damages her reputation and threatens her life, she needs assistance.

Joining forces with her old friend, an expert on South Pacific politics, they destroy an island drug cartel in Vanuatu and rescue kidnapped teenagers. But can she and Grant finally have a future together after an old enemy tries to kill them both?


Self Publishing Absolute Beginners Guide

$12.00 Information, contacts, and checklists steer you towards professionally produced books. Helps both fiction and non-fiction authors. Co-Authored by two Australians: multi-published Imogene Nix and best-selling and award winning Suzi Love. Cover_SP_SelfPublishing

Outback Arrival

$15.00      A city nurse follows the doctor she loves to an Australian outback town, determined to prove her love for him. An ambulance accident forced Alex to retire from city surgery but he rediscovers his love of country hospitals and his family's cattle property.      When Kristie discovers she is pregnant, a member of Alex's family uses deceit to wreck their relationship. But if he wants a real family, Alex must uncover the truth. Should he trust Kristie, a dedicated nurse and his passionate lover, or his closest family Because if Kristie leaves the outback, she will take his heart with her. Cover_comingSoon

Surfer Guy


Gabe is the pro-surfer in the Australian 'Guy' family series. His siblings are a cop, nurse, builder etc and they moved to an Australian coastal town where they could better protect their two young orphaned cousins, after there was an attempted kidnapping of the girls in the city.

He meets Casey at the surfing beach and discovers they are both rehabbing their wounds at the same time. But both Gabe and Casey are hiding secrets.

Will they be able to protect the girls, and themselves, when they are attacked on all sides.


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